Fediverse – Open self-empowering technologies for today and tomorrow

By André Menrath. Written in the course of the 2021 reworks festival in Thessaloniki (greece)

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What are social networks?

But does this mean that we all must register on a specific provider and accept it’s term of services?

Why should we stop using conventional social networks?

Let’s recap:

Threat to our democracy

We have lost control over what information is presented to us. Their algoritm decides, not do you. The algoritm aims for their profit, not for your well-being. But why is this dangerous?

Danger to our Health

Lock-In Effect

The Fediverse: A possible solution

Fediverse Logo

Alex Gleason © 2021. Licensed under CC-BY-SA 4.0


Most important platform-types:

Why are there different ones: Different platforms for different type of content and for different type of users (passive/active).

If you are new to the fediverse mastodon is the best choise, unless you are an artist creating mostly a certain media type or you are a team organizing events.

Fediverse Illustration




How to make that migration?

Migration won’t be done at once, it will be slow.

For content creators

For mostly readers which want to interact

Get your mastodon account right ahead and tell your favourite content creators about the fediverse.

For readers who don’t want to interact

No account is needed. All Fediverse platforms support traditional subscription protocols like RSS. For the events on Mobilizon a direct subscription to a calendar on your device is also possible via iCal.

Using the Fediverse: Artist point of view regarding monetization